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Clomid is a powerful drug, but subject to the dosage and thanks to its short course treatment, helps with female infertility.
Clomid works as well as estrogen, which is very important in the process of fertilization of the ovum.
Clomid can be taken in combination with hormonal drugs gonadotropnymi, as described in the instructions for use. In the treatment of femaleinfertility is therapy drugs that can stimulate the production of hormones responsible for ovulation. Such drugs today are myriad, but most often is assigned such a drug like Clomid, which for many years has proved its effectiveness in the stimulation and regulation of ovulation in women.

Klomidom is referred to as a synthetic estrogen (Clomiphene citrate), which often is assigned when difficulties with the conception of women. The effect of this drug on the male body is lifting the level of hormones that stimulate the testes. The product is aimed specifically at the pituitary gland. The drug stimulates the natural production of testosterone that is beneficial to athletes, especially at a time when the level of testosterone in the body above the norm.
In the period of the athlete steriods natural formulation of testosterone by the body lowered, if you do not take the necessary steps to normalize the level of testosterone, muscle volume can dramatically lose strength. Therefore, the use of drugs like Clomid. Now, buy clomid online, use the convenient service of Internet pharmacies.

Instructions for use

In order to restore ovulation in women, is assigned daily at night take 50 mg of the drug. Start of treatment should be on the fifth day of the menstrual cycle. If the monthly woman are absent, start treatment Klomidom can be any day of the cycle. If ovulation and not come after a month since the beginning of taking the drug, prescribed dose above (150 mg daily at night). Define successful ovulation can be in terms of:
basal temperature;
progesterone levels.
Therapy held the appointment of small doses of the drug to get the proper effect. More courses of treatment Klomidom 6 not recommended.

It so happens that drug treatment gave a positive effect-ovulation had occurred, but pregnancy is still not nasupila. Then treatment with Clomid purchase proceeds by analogy. Rooftop Café buy cheap clomid online. At our online pharmacy you can do it. We tried to keep the prices low on medications and to buy clomid no prescription, you should definitely consult your doctor, get to know the dose and schedule of taking the drugclomid clomid.

If ovulation has occurred, and the monthly began, you seem like a doctor to confirm the presence or absence of pregnancy, and then optionally start a new course receiving clomid online.

Pregnancy can occur frequently in the next cycle after discontinuation of the drug.

During drug treatment should be monitored regularly by a doctor, in order to control the correct operation of the ovaries, the mucous membranes of the vagina and cervix. If you find any changes, the course of drug treatment can be stopped by a doctor. You must also immediately inform the doctor about the emergence of sharp pains in the abdomen during therapy Klomidom. If you will experience major deterioration of eyesight, agent is not appointed again. Taking the drug increases the likelihood of multiple pregnancies, as the doctor necessarily warns the patient before starting treatment.

The drug can also appoint men in treatment of oligospermia. Doses are 50 ml 1-2 times a day on doctor’s prescription. The course of treatmentKlomidom of up to four months with constant control of the whole (cellular, physical, chemical) sperm.

When treating the drug need to be careful when driving or the conduct of activities that require quick reaction and attention. Contraindications
The basic contraindications to receiving the drug are: pregnancy; hypersensitivity to the drug component; kidney or liver failure; endometriosis; reduced functionality of ovarian cancer; cyst; metrorrhagia; the emergence of entities on the genitals; the presence of a tumor. Medication during pregnancy
If there is a pregnancy, that should confirm the doctor, taking the drug is contraindicated. Also, the drug is contraindicated for women who cannot become pregnant.
Active substances
Order clomid online without prescription is available in tablets. One package contains 10 tablets.
1 Tablet contains Klomida:
Active active substance Clomiphene citrate-50 mg.
Other ingredients: corn starch, sucrose, yellow ferric oxide, magnesium stearate.
Clomid is an antiestrogen, which: blocks the receptors of ovarian and hypothalamic estrogen makers; stimulates the maturation of follicles; ovulation, when its absence; increases the levels of estradiol in the blood.
The high effectiveness of the drug has a normal level of estrogen and is ineffective when the level of hormones gonadotrophic form.
To date, quite a lot of shops offering a variety of products for athletes, as well as in pharmacies. Although, one must be careful and buy only high-quality products. Prices on Clomid in online pharmacy suitable, so buy this drug will be able to afford. We have a very convenient methods of payment and delivery of the drug clomid. Rate together with us the benefit and convenience of ordering in Internet pharmacy. Prices are much lower than the typical traditional pharmacy. Buy cheap clomid online, and then select one of the methods of delivery, and at repeated order discount. Convenient service call center works 24/7 and always happy to help. We work for you to be healthy and take care of their customers.
Permissible dose
Clomid 50 mg dosage appointed times per day after meals.
The course of treatment Klomidom infertility in women last for 5 days (starting from the fifth day of the menstrual cycle and ends at the ninth day). If there is no effect after 30 days after the end of the first course of medication, your doctor may prescribe a second course of treatmentKlomidom, which will also last for 5 days. This dose will already be on 100 mg once a day.
Athletes start buy Clomid is recommended on the 7th day since the end of the use of steroids, but the exact time of the start of the reception. Typically, the dose is 50-100 mg a day for two weeks.
In preparation admission possible side effects from such body systems: nervous: headache; drowsiness; slowing of reactions; Vertigo; depression; insomnia; Digestive: nausea and vomiting; flatulence; diarrhea; urinary (rarely): pain in the abdomen; frequent urination; an increase in the size of the ovaries; dimmenore√Ę; allergic reaction (rarely): rashes; Dermatitis; other changes: breast tenderness; blurred vision; the increase in body mass index.
Symptoms of overdose
The main symptoms of drug overdose are: blurred vision; nausea and vomiting; pain in the abdomen; weight gain; ascites; tides.
In most cases the unpleasant symptoms themselves will take place as soon as the discontinued accepting Klomida.
The drug is highly effective in treating female infertility for many years. About 80% of all women taking Clomid, were able to resume ovulation,and half of them after treatment was able to get pregnant. Priority number of pregnancies occurred after three menstrual cycles.
This information is presented for informational purposes only. When taking any medication you need compulsory to consult a physician, because what works for one person, for another may even be dangerous. The uncontrolled intake of medications can have unpredictable consequences.


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